Head Lice

 Dear Parents / Guardians

We are looking for help with the head lice situation here in the school. There are reports of head lice on a continuous basis. We are asking all families to please help to reduce the spread of head lice through the school. We here at the school can only notify parents of reports made to us.  We are relying on you to take action against head lice and treat your child/rens hair.  The treatment process of the hair can vary depending on which product you are using and we ask that you follow the process exactly in order to ensure that all traces of head lice are removed from children's hair. Below is a link to some guidelines from the HSE on dealing with head lice. This can only be done in the home and therefore we ask you to check and comb through  your child/rens hair regularly - every couple of days. We appreciate your co-operation on this issue and we know that it is frustrating for everyone involved.

Many thanks for your continued support.  

HSE information on head lice

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